Thursday, December 29, 2011

VIP, much like drifting, can only be done to a certain number of cars. The Lexus GS, LS, Infiniti M and Q, all great VIP platforms. Cars like BMW 3's and Avalons.... are not, much in the way that you couldn't make a Toyota Avalon drift car.

VIP style revolves around a select number of car platforms. Thats the way it is, theres no changing it. You can drop your I30 infiniti, Acura CL, or E39 5 series and put work wheels on it but its still not VIP, ever. A non-VIP platform car will NEVER be VIP and thats the bottom line. Even with the mods you do its probably still not even VIP styled. We aren't trying to be dicks, its the tuning style. So here's something to consider...

If you are serious about VIP, and want to build a VIP car. Consider this. Take that BMW/Toyota/ACURA, and sell/trade it in for a VIP platform.

Think that there isn't one that fits your budget?

1990-1996 Q45
1990-1994 LS400

1997-1998 Q45
1993-1997 GS300
1995-1997 LS400

1999-2001 Q45
1998-2000 GS300/400
1998-2000 LS400

2002-2003 Q45
2001-2006 LS430
2001-2005 GS300/430
2003-2004 M45

See? There's plenty of VIP platforms out there that you can afford. No one looks down or considers an older VIP car lesser in any way then the newer VIP cars. In fact some of the older cars end up being sweeter builds then the new ones!

So see you guys, theres a VIP car for any VIP budget. Cause the last thing we want around here, is a bunch of VIP "styled" BMW's and Acura's.


  1. Wow very cool neat info thanks!

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  3. Pretty nice that there are some lower budget models available too.